The Story Of Lolly & Boo: How It All Began With Butterflies

The Story Of Lolly & Boo: How It All Began With Butterflies

Lolly & Boo started life in early 2010.  At the time, or really since 2006 when my first daughter was born, I was yearning to find something that I could make a business out of.  This was partly because I had worked full time as a solicitor until having my daughter and I think I needed something to keep my brain going after that full time working life suddenly stopped.  Looking back I must have been mad because looking after a baby was more than enough entertainment but I think that's just me - always trying to take on too much.

The more I tried to think of something, the less I could come up with any good ideas.  I messed around with a few silly (and quite boring) ideas which were soon abandoned.  Then after my second daughter was born in October 2009, she quickly was given the nickname "Boo".  Coupled with my elder daughter's nickname, "Lolly", I suddenly had a name for my non existent business.  I remember saying to my husband, Charlie, "If I ever have a business it will be called Lolly & Boo".

A few months later Lolly & Boo really was born as I began making personalised children's pictures.  This was quite a surprise to me as I had never thought of myself as creative.  Really though it was a good antidote to the academic side of my brain and the creative process was something that I soon came to enjoy a lot, along with the more "business" aspects of running Lolly & Boo.  At first it was sheer amazement that people liked what I was making and wanted to pay me money for one of my products!  I was accepted onto Notonthehighstreet as a partner in April 2010 and in no time, my personalised butterflies pictures were flying out of the door and I was struggling to keep up.  

I was lucky enough to be included in two Notonthehighstreet Christmas Gift Guides in 2010 and 2011, which was a massive boost to my fledgling business.  I have memories of slighty manic trips to Ikea to buy box frames with a very young baby Alice (Boo) in tow, propped up in the baby seat of the trolley while I filled it with Ribba box frames!  There were some funny looks admittedly but it's amazing how quickly you can get through a trip to Ikea when you're only buying 50 frames and have a hungry baby with you.

Paper Butterflies Art 

Personalised Paper Butterflies Art

I developed quite a range of pictures although the butterflies have always outsold everything else.  Paper Butterflies Art continues to be very popular and is still sold on Notonthehighstreet in addition to Lolly & Boo.  These personalised pictures make great new baby or christening gifts as well as birthday presents for goddaughters, nieces or granddaughters.

If you would like to find out more, or to place an order, just click here.

Louise Maidment

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