A New Bedroom For Our 10 Year Old Daughter

A New Bedroom For Our 10 Year Old Daughter

My eldest daughter, Olivia, turned 10 in May and instead of a normal, wrapped up birthday present I said that I would decorate her bedroom.  Olivia jumped at the idea and in truth I was going to do up her bedroom this year anyway but as it wasn't going to be a cheap exercise, I thought that combining it with her birthday was the way forward.  

I am spoilt for choice with all the beautiful fabrics that I use for Lolly & Boo but I was careful to try to get it right for a ten year old.  It couldn't be a little girl's room but she is still only ten, so I didn't want it to be too grown up either.  That said, I am confident/hopeful that the finished bedroom will last Olivia for several years.  

We moved in to our house eighteen months ago and Olivia's is the first room that I have decorated from top to bottom.  It was painted magnolia (as was the whole house by the people who lived here before in order to sell it!) with one wall of built in cupboards and shelves in nasty ginger pine.  Farrow and Ball was crying out to me!

My children are so used to seeing the beautiful linens that I work with but they are never for them, so it was lovely to sit down with Olivia to work out which fabrics we would use in her room.

It didn't take her long to pick the gorgeous Puppy Love linen from Olive & Daisy for a Roman blind for her window.  She previously had curtains but they took up so much room and ended up knocking things off her bedside table, so I decided to make a Roman blind instead.

Olive & Daisy Puppy Love linen

Roman Blind by Lolly & Boo in Olive & Daisy Puppy Love

I also planned to make a drum lampshade for the ceiling light in Puppy Love.  We went for the sand and rose pink colourway.  

Drum Lampshade by Lolly & Boo in Puppy Love


Drum lampshade by Lolly & Boo in Puppy Love linen

You can order a drum lampshade in Puppy Love linen by clicking here.

To complement the colours in the Puppy Love linen, we chose Olive & Daisy's hearts linen in rose pink and grey.  Tiny scattered hearts which were perfect to make a small lampshade for the bedside table and also a memo board to go on her desk.  I didn't go into too much detail with Olivia about these extra items so that it would be a proper surprise on the morning of her birthday!

Small drum lampshade by Lolly & Boo in Olive & Daisy hearts linen Memo Board by Lolly & Boo in Olive & Daisy hearts linen

We decided to wallpaper one wall of the room to really finish it off beautifully.  Inspired by a photo of her daughter's bedroom on Instagram, I spoke to Kimberley Bell who owns Peony & Sage, who sent me samples of all of the neutral colourways of her large stars wallpaper.  Having stuck them up in Olivia's room for a few days we chose the faded white colourway, which worked perfectly with the colour of the Puppy Love linen and Farrow & Ball Middleton pink.  The wallpaper was a dream to work with - my mother is the expert but I think I made an able student that day.

Walls in Peony & Sage Stars wallpaper

That just left paint and amazingly Olivia said that she would like a very pale pink for the cupboards and shelves.  We tried three Farrow & Ball testers - pink ground, calamine and Middleton pink.   I had thought it would be too pink but it turned out that Middleton pink was perfect.  For the walls I got a Dulux trade equivalent of Wimborne white which was a lovely fresh white after the dull magnolia that had been there before.

I had a picture in my mind of how I hoped the room would turn out and I am so pleased with it.  Such a fresh look, the room seems much bigger now too.  The feature wall of wallpaper just finishes the room off perfectly, particularly my mother's wonderful idea to paper the back of the built in shelves!


Louise Maidment


Louise Maidment

Such a pretty room. It’s nice to read the order in which decisions were made! Thank you.

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