The Love Of Learning A New Craft : Lampshade Making And Me

The Love Of Learning A New Craft : Lampshade Making And Me

It was over three years ago now that my brother kindly gave me a voucher as a gift to go along to a lampshade making course, run by my lovely friend Louise (and you also know her as the owner of Lolly & Boo).  Louise ran a fun workshop for her group of eager students.  By the end of the afternoon after plenty of chat, tea and cake we had each made our own drum lampshade to take home and admire. Not only was I delighted with my creation but I had discovered a new, creative hobby and I couldn’t wait to put my new skills into practice!

A lampshade made on a Lolly & Boo course 

My first handmade lampshade made on the course run by Louise

I have always loved the opportunity to make and create, right from when I used to fashion little accessories for my dolls house out of scraps of this and that, to making some (fairly disastrous) clothing for dolls (and, in my teens, even attempting to make or modify the ‘odd’ bit to wear myself – it was the 80’s so I think I got away with it!).  Whatever the outcome though, I always love the experience of channelling a creative streak and learning something new and then being able to stand back when you’ve finished and say ‘I made that!’. 

With our shared passion for beautiful fabrics, and as the handmade lampshade sales were really taking off for Lolly & Boo, I was delighted to join Louise and become part of team Lolly & Boo around three years ago.  At the end of 2015 I finished what had been my ‘day job’ for the past 20 years – marketing communications in Financial Services – and since then I now have more focus day-to-day, with Louise, developing our lampshade collections, fabrics and accessories, as well as now running some of our ever popular lampshade making courses where I first got hooked.

 Getting ready for a lampshade course

Getting ready for a recent course


Our lampshade making courses near Salisbury, Wiltshire are a great way to learn how to turn your chosen material into your very own lampshade creation.  I love being able to share my passion for making beautiful lampshades.  In our three hour course I take you through the steps needed to make a straight sided or tapered drum lampshade.  You just bring your own piece of fabric and then the rest of the materials needed are all supplied by me – including the all important tea and cake too.  I also bring a selection of the linens that we use for many of our lampshades so that if, like me, you are bitten by the lampshade making bug and can’t wait to make your next one, there are extra materials you can purchase from our selection on the day too.  We are fortunate to work with some fabulous British fabric designers and use their fabrics for our lampshades, including beautiful linens from Peony & Sage and Olive + Daisy.

 Making lampshades

Lampshade making in progress

Lampshade making

Lampshade making in full swing 

We have one more lampshade course booked to run before the end of 2016 on Saturday 12th November, near Salisbury.  We will have more dates for early 2017 soon.  If you would like to join us on one of our courses I’d love to hear from you – you can email me, Louisa, at or you can book on to our next course by going to our courses section on our website


 Some of the beautiful lampshades made on a recent course in Salisbury

Louisa Pool

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